(I)FAQ – (In)Frequently Asked Questions about the Petrofictionary

What is a Petrofictionary?

  • A lexicon that provides its readers with a language to address contemporary petroculture.

Why make a Petrofictionary?

  • To capture an incomplete snapshot of the study of petrofiction (literature that in some way deals with petroculture or was produced within petroculture; see petrofiction and petroculture below).
  • To help frame the cultural/humanities-based study of oil as a multi-faceted entity central to modernity.

How should I use the Petrofictionary?

  • Have a radically open mind.
  • As much as possible, abandon western thought patterns.
  • Assume that petroculture is ever-present, but do not let this paralyze you.
  • Envision the alternatives to petroculture and take others’ ideas of possible alternatives seriously.